Unknown Cloud is a nomadic - global phenomenon

- formed by the people who experience it...

Immersed in the cloud you will explore participation, trust and compassion - cornerstones of an engaged and human society.

Our mission is to use our everyday devices as a tool to re-connect with our own and other bodies, instead of allowing technology to disconnect us from the same.

How can we mitigate the risks of trust,
and make it easier to trust outgroup strangers?

This website is showing the Clouds movements ( tracked by the AI bot Caretaker )

Programmed to exist globally until 2057, the Cloud travel across national borders, large cities, remote villages, islands, mountains and across the sea.

Visit Locations to find out about the next location where a Cloud Event is taking place…or Summon the cloud to a place near you and invite your friends!

The app: Caretaker - an artificial intelligence manifested as a voice - instruct a 30 minutes contemporary secular ritual.

Through Caretaker, participants start to hear the planets around them via normal headphones and the apps position technology which follows the movements of the planets in real time.

“While inside, I got superpowers; being able to hear planets far away, feel the rotation of the earth and connect emotionally with the lifeworlds of near and distant strangers…All at once, the field appeared to expand beyond its physical perimeter and I imagined it covering the entire world. I could suddenly and deeply sense that the field was made up of the same earth that makes up the steppes of Mongolia and the sidewalks of New York City”.

Alejandro Subiotto Marqués, visitor of Unknown Cloud at Tempelhofer Feld, Berlin, 25 Juli 2017

In 2016, a trans-disciplinary group led by artist duo Lundahl & Seitl launched a new plattform - a format which could take immersive art experiences directly to people. It was designed to evoke a global, secular ritual of our time, allowing for large scale participation anywhere in the public sphere.

The implicit narrative proposed by Unknown Cloud is that our culture produces a reality in which abstract fictional creations – money, contracts, corporations, religions, politics, borders etc. – are understood as more ‘real’ than the physical reality around us. This creates a fragmented worldview and world. The vision with the Cloud is therefore to show what we share just by being human beings.

- Lundahl & Seitl
20th of September 2016


Developed in collaboration with: Liquid Media Application, iOS and Android developed by Nagoon, Dramaturge: Rachel Alexander Dramaturge, Content strategist: Anna J Ljungmark (House of Real), Video production: Joakim Olsson. Anthropologist: Erika Tanos (Curiosityshop). Associate researcher: Ronald Jones (RCA, London). Website: Development: Troels Ljung (workingimage.dk). Design: Nandi Nobell. Co Writer: Alex Bäckström.